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For Free | FREE: 5 tetras plus 1 peppered cory catfish | $0 | Hopewell NJ, 08525 | Pickup Only

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For Free
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FREE: 5 tetras plus 1 peppered cory catfish
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Hopewell NJ, 08525
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Pickup Only
I'm moving across the country this summer and my fish need a good home before then. I'll happily give them (plus supplies as needed) to whoever will care for them WELL. I love my fishies and want them to be with someone who will take proper care of them. I'm looking for a home for them now so I'm not scrambling later, but won't be ready to transfer them until May or June. They could join someone else's tank or I could transfer the tank with them. Please let me know if you want them-- I don't have any friends who take good care of their fish, so don't know who else to give them to!
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Im interested.
Bad news... my cory catfish got sick and unfortunately died this morning. I've checked my water levels and everything is normal. All the tetras seem unaffected. I'm new to this site so don't know how to send a direct message (or if the site will even allow me to), but if you're still interested you can send me a message and we can figure out details. If you're worried about the tetras possibly being sick as well, it will be a while before I'm ready to transfer, so I'll be able to rule out that possibility before then.

Thanks for your interest, and sorry about the cory! Poor little guy... :(
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