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For Sale | 300 Gallon Acrylic Tank | $1900.00 | Ypsilanti Michigan | Pickup Only

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What type of listing is this?:
For Sale
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300 Gallon Acrylic Tank
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Ypsilanti Michigan
Pickup or Able to Ship?:
Pickup Only
Looking at getting out. Too much going on to maintain this size tank. I have a 6ft x 3ft x 2ft tall Acrylic Tank, Stand Single overflow center back of tank with two 1.5" stand pipes. 6ft 100 gallon glass tank for a sump 46" Acrylic sump Mag 12, Mag 9.5 return pumps Enaly OZONE GENERATOR OZAC-PLUS 100 CoraLife 36 watt UV Sterilizer (with extra bulb) Current USA LOOP Light - Three - 72 Inch LED light strips (could add a fourth) (This system will control return pumps and wave makers) 200 lbs lace rock (extra large pieces) 300 lbs marco rock $1900.00 Not Interested in any Trades
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This tank also has an aluminum frame canopy with matching black panels. The USA Current led lights are only 6 months old, I still have the boxes.


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I got an alert that says you posted something on my profile but when I click the alert I get an error message.

Not sure if you can pm me or not as I'm new to this site. But I'm on MFK with the same username if you wanna pm me there.
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