Guppy/Galaxy Rasbora/Shrimp 29L tank. Feeding Help please

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Sep 7, 2021

I've had my tank for about 2 months now and everything is going great, water parameters are great and plants have grown significantly. Originally I had 2 tuxedo guppies and 2 red kobra guppies (I think they're endler hybrid coz they're small) and a heap of cherry shrimp with lots of plants, wood and moss.

I recently added 8 Galaxy Rasbora which are great! I recently switched to tropical micro pellets 0.6mm width so they can eat. However, it's been a week and I've noticed when I open the tank the guppies come straight to the top waiting for me to drop the food and the rasbora's remain in the middle/bottom. So the guppies eat up all the food before it even has time to sink.

I'm worried the rasbora's aren't eating. Any advice or guidance please on how I can ensure everyone gets fed?

Attached a photo of my setup