HELP! I'm planning on a DIY 100 gal tank.

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Nov 11, 2018
I have just recently gotten into fish and aquatics. I have a 35 gal pond in my yard that is doing great. Now I am interested in building my own interior tank. I want to build it directly into a wall in my home. I would like to make it roughly 100gal. Any suggestions on supplies, equipment, etc? I want to make this as cheaply as possible too. Type of glass, supports, materials, filtering system, etc

Specific dimensions and pics of area for install to be uploaded soon.

Thanks everyone.


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Jan 11, 2013
West Falls NY
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What footprint for the tank are you interested in? Reason I ask is, for something in this size range, you will be better off cost wise to buy a standard sized tank and gear your wall opening around it. Keep in mind, footprint of the tank is the important dimension in terms of fish and plant keeping.

Standard 75 or 90g tanks are an 18" x 48" footprint. Just the heights are different. Better yet, a 125gal tank is a 6 footer with an, ~18"x72" footprint.

75 or 90g tanks are $150-200ish new. A 125g is around $300. Depending on where you live of course..


Aug 4, 2011
Phoenix, AZ
When it comes to aquariums, DIY for the tank itself isn't always cost effective. I was talking to someone on another forum, and she was incensed that the 3 gallon tank she wanted cost $70, and decided to build one. The dimensions she gave were really about a 10 gallon tank, so I recommended that option to her for this reason. It may cost more for materials to DIY her 12 gallon tank, than it costs to buy a manufactured 10, and that doesn't take into consideration effort.

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Aug 6, 2018
I have read about folks using (special) coated plywood for tanks. Cheaper as glass, doesn't break as easily and insulates better. You would then just use glass for the front or a side. I would recommend the (front) glass at 10mm. It can be done with 8mm but I would not cut corners here.