Help! Rosy Barb with Red Mouth

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Nov 14, 2018
Hello, three days ago on Sunday I purchased three Rosy Barbs from our local pet store to help counter a hair algae problem. I set up a 10 gallon quarantine tank and tossed them all in there for three days, treating them with API Melafix. Today I put the Barbs into my 36 gallon community tank but noticed one of the Barbs had developed a white mouth. He must had this the entire time whilst occupying the quarantine tank and I somehow didn't notice it (to my defense, the lighting on the 10 gallon is really poor). Anyway, having taken down the ten gallon, I dosed the entire tank with Melafix and Super Ich Cure and set up the 10 gallon again to isolate the sick fish. I let it cycle overnight with some quick start, checked parameters this morning and moved the sick fish. When I looked at him this morning, he had the same isolated, lethargic behavior as yesterday evening, but his mouth had also turned red, and he had red streaks on his belly. Now he's in the ten gallon and I'm going to go ahead and treat with the same prior mentioned treatments and look for some wide range antibiotics, but I'l not entirely certain if this is the right way to go. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm worried it might spread to the 36 gallon...IMG_20181114_100236.jpg IMG_20181114_100259.jpg IMG_20181114_100217.jpgIMG_20181114_100313.jpg

- Lethargic
- Separated from groups
- Little to no eating
- White mouth that adapted to Red Mouth
- Reddush/pink streaks on belly

- Good water quality
- Water that is ever so slightly above the normal recommended rabge for Rosy Barbs
- Treated wjth MelaFix and Super Ich Cure
-Medium / Low florescent light

I've attached a few pictures.

Thank you, all the best to you. :)

the loach

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Aug 6, 2018
I'm pretty sure you bought him with this condition. But 3 days is nothing as a quarantine, basically the same as tossing them right in. 3 to 4 weeks is the minimum.
He has a bacterial infection, you will need an anti biotic if there is no improvement in a week. I would not worry about it spreading to your main tank.


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Nov 7, 2018
San Juan, PR
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A white mouth makes me think in mouth fungus. I can't see the red streaks on the belly. Do not use Super Ich cure for this condition, because it is not ick. You can use an antibiotics that may also treat fungal infection.