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help with Fungus /Injury /Infection on Albino Bristlenose.


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Need help with an Alnino Bristlenose i bought last week.

I got her like that last week, now i have her in a 20 gallon uncycled hospital tank.
its been already 1 week, and the injury seems to have fungused.
I have added Ocean free yellow powder last night . and today i added a small heater and set it to 30 Deg Celcius. any advise on what to do?
i've been feeding her a few days ago since she has a really good appettite. but now the wound seem to become worse :( Should i totally skip feeding while in treatment


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Thanks , i think the medicine does kill bacteria in the filter. But this tank is not cycled.

It houses only my bristlenose while on treatment.
Tested 0 ammonia. Ph at 8 but ill have to retesy, we have a typhoon and and tapwater ph rises usually as sediments are stirred up in the water reservoir.

Not sure what else to do.

I dd a 30% water change and redosed with medicine. Also dropped a piece of algae wafer for her

the loach

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If the stuff kills nitrifying bacteria there is no point in cycling, you have to keep doing water changes. But if she ain't getting better anyway ? I would try Microbelift Artemiss, that heals wounds too but doesn't affect nitrifying bacteria.


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Thanks is it like
Melafix? I have started treatment already so heaitant to change in the middle of treatment. But really hope she pulls through :( ill test ammonia and ph daily

the loach

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No Artemiss is stated to be an immune stimulant against bacteria and promotes wound healing. I would put some driftwood in there, they love that and it'll lower the pH a bit, too.


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What temperature are you running in this hospital tank?

Like said, most importantly is keeping up on water changes in there IMO. Warmer water temps should speed along anything bacterial.


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Fungus meds is best applied directly on the wound. Catch him and put some on the wound maybe daily.