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Hey Everybody! Long time no see!

Brian Bivens

Labeotropheus Trawavasae
So, I haven't been here in ages, so first off, Hi everyone who's still around!

So, I just wrapped up a fishless cycle on a 55 and am going to do a Brichardi (daffodil preferably) tank... My wife loves them... Anywho, I know that these fish get extremely territorial when they breed... Can I keep anything else with them in the 55, or should I just start with a mated pair (if I can find them) or 4-5 of them to get a pair, and then let them fill the tank?

I was thinking of a few Yellow Labs or a Labeotropheus (sp) to add some pop, but I have a feeling that the labs will get bullied to death in there as soon as breeding starts...


Josh Holloway--Be mine!!!
The Brichardi are more of a harem breeder, then pairs. I would get about 6+ and let them do their thing. A 55 is a little too small to add another group of fish with them.


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We'll need pics!!!! ;)


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Sounds great!

I'm assuming the tanks in your sig are gone given the fishless cycle?

Brian Bivens

Labeotropheus Trawavasae
Yep, just updated... We bought a new house and I am consolidating down to one show tank to keep really nice...

So, agreeing that Brichardi are EXTREMELY territorial, what about mixing Daffodil Brichardi with Neolamprologus Marunguensis? I guess I am afraid that my crushed coral+ (dead) live rock with kind of drown out the Brichardi a bit... I didn't know if the two would interbreed or tolerate one another... I am guessing that if I got 5 or 6 of each, it would just be a race to who would breed first and then there would be bedlam in the tank...


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Nice, welcome back! Yeah, I would go with tanker and get 6+ and let them do their thing. If you add other fish it seems pretty clear cut that once they start breeding it is just a matter of time before you have only Brichardi tank. I never see any other outcome long term. With that said I am LOVING the idea of a 55g Brichardi colony!