how fast do common plecos grow?

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Jul 22, 2010
hey everyone i am in a bit of a pickle. i have recently purchased a common pleco for some algae control. i knew the size they get but am unsure of the speed at which they do this. my father has become quite atached to the little guy so im a little sad if i have to get rid of him. i do not see a new tank in the near future. i am just wondering how long i can have him before he outgrows my 29 gallon tank


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Jun 19, 2002
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If housed and fed properly "commons" can grow about .75-1" a month. It would be best to take it back now before you and your dad become to attached to want to take it back. I would look for some BN's for your sized tank.


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Jan 26, 2010
Culpeper, VA
Mine grew to 5in in about 6 months, 2-3 months later he was 6in. After I moved him to my 90g, he grew to 8.5in in under 2 months. The better food, water and more space you give, the faster they grow. But they do grow the fastest in the first year.
I agree with taking him back now and getting a BN or a Rubbernose/rubberlip instead. Or start saving for a 90g or larger tank.
I fell in love with my P. J. Pleco, lol. Searched CL for months before I found him his own big tank. Never would of gotten it if I hadn't gotten him. ^.^