I need help! Building half above ground wall??

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Jan 26, 2010
Culpeper, VA
Ok, the liner I bought is just massive! I cannot dig anymore, I'm too tired. I thought the hole was big enough, but it's not. I could easily take out another 2ft ALL round the hole, if not more! The pond calculator was way off!
So, now I'd like to build a wall/frame above the hole along the edge. I'd like to have the wall start at least 1ft from the edge all around and then 2ft at one end. The wall would need to go up as far as the liner will allow.
The hole is 8ft around, 3ft deep. The liner is 20x20ft.
What wood would I use, how many inches, 2x4in, more? I can't get wood longer than 8ft, just won't fit in my car and too dangerous to have it stick out the trunk.
Could I use 3in screws or would I have to use lug bolts[if that's the right name for them]? How high could the wall be? 1.5ft tall wall?

If I do go ahead and dig, I would need to dig 3 more feet on all four sides...
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Dec 5, 2010
East Lansing, MI USA
Dig. The further below the frost line, the more your options for fish increase.
The problems with wood are many. You would have to secure the wood so it won't expand outward as you filled the structure with water. Pools do it with a band of some sort around the perimeter. You'd have to do the same thing. (Silo bands are a good inexpensive option in rural areas.) Then there is the problem with wood rotting. Unless you purchase wood rated for ground contact, you're looking at maybe ten years for landscaping timbers.

By the way, have you talked to your municipality and insurance agent about the pond? They may have requirements too.
Good luck with this project.


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May 9, 2009
Dig a deeper hole in the middle of the pond. Kinda like a small step down.

You could possibly build up the pond a bit more with the leftover soil you dug out. Maybe increase the height by a foot.

I would build a frame about 2 feet around the pool with wood/stone and then build up the area with soil. You'd also be able to provide a shallow area for baby fish to hang out in as well.

Be sure to pack the soil in good and don't lay the liner down so air pockets can form.



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Aug 8, 2011
San Jacinto, Calif
" I need Help! Building half above ground wall" I am thinking of the huge amount of water pressure that wall will have to take.
In my area there's always folks hanging around the Lowes or Home Depot looking for work. Hire a few, show them where to dig. In the long run I think you'll come out cheaper than buying materials to construct walls around a large pond.

Carla Cowart

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Aug 26, 2018
I used cinder blocks staggered on top of each other, mortared in between, and filled with cement AFTER a rebar was pounded into each block area. Liner was laid down into hole and pulled up and over blocks. The original hole was 3ft deep and cinder block wall is 2ft tall. Pond is 6 plus years old. The only problem has been tree roots moving things around some.


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Jun 15, 2008
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