Inducing Breeding Behavior of Kribensis in community tank

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Ivy Wingo

Registered Member
Mar 21, 2013
I have a really lovely pair of locally-bred kribensis in a planted community 90gal tank, and I would LOVE it if they would begin (or even try to begin) to breed!

They both look gorgeous, their finnage and body colors are striking, they're active, but they rarely acknowledge the existence of the other, let alone do any mating dances together.

The tank is fed a mixture of flake, granule, and frozen foods (cyclops, bloodworms, daphnia), and, upon doing some long-overdue upkeep this week, I can see that the kribensis are both doing very well, despite my recent neglect.....

So my question to the success stories on here would be: how can I make them flip the switch? Live foods? Temperature change (the tank stays a pretty constant 79-80)? Any pH or kH parameters that I could modify to induce breeding behavior in these super little fishes? Leave Al Green playing in the tank room for a week? Get another female or 2 to create a little harem competition?

I don't have anything else very fancy in the tank. Like I say, it's been a while since I was able to pay it much attention -- assorted tetras, small bristlenose plecos, one madagascar rainbow, one small opaline gourami, 4 gold barbs, a single corydora (I need to get him some buddies real soon), at least one kuhli loach (kinda hard to tell in the thick undergrowth) nice filter-feeding bamboo, nothing too sensitive or exotic to mind some slight alterations in water conditions.

I thought about adding a half-flowerpot or coconut shell for a true "cave," but there are lots of rocks and large pieces of wood with plenty of nooks & crannies that, if these kribs decided they wanted to get down, they could find some place to do so.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any information/testimonials you can provide. Cheers!