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Jumping back in!


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Hello fishkeepers! I was on this forum, MFK, and Planted Tank a long time ago, and then got out of the hobby for several years (you know, work, life, kids). I had a 75 gallon low tech / medium light planted setup for many years that first housed S.A. Cichlids (Gold Severum, geophagus altifrons, A trio of Mesonauta festivus, and a couple of plecos). Then, it housed a colony of Angelfish. Also have had a 20 gallon long with a breeding colony (1 male 3 female) Pearl Gouramis, Zebra Danios, a couple butterfly loaches, and some shrimp (surprisingly they survived in that tank!).

Fast forward - for Christmas, my daughter was given a 2.5 g "aquarium" and a very sad Petco Betta, complete with neon gravel and Spongebob decorations. Fabulous. Needless to say, we quickly upgraded to a 5 gallon, added live plants and some driftwood, and are just about to add some shrimp and maybe some snails (nerite or mystery perhaps). I will probably make that 2.5 into an invert only tank, for my office - can't leave a tank empty!

Well, helping my daughter set up this 5 gallon has reminded me how much I enjoy keeping planted tanks. I'm trying to convince my husband how nice a tank would look in the house again (aiming for 55 or 75 gallon). The negotiation continues. :p


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How mad can he get! Kidding.

Welcome back.


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Thanks! Yeah - about those shrimp. Learned that the hard way this weekend. I thought perhaps adding a larger shrimp with lots of hiding spots might work. Not so much. In my 20 gallon long, the shrimp thrived with pearl gouramis and zebra danios. Thought they might have a chance with the betta. Guess it depends on the fish too. This guy is a little more aggressive than he appeared to be.

New plan is to set up a shrimp-only tank. It's cycling right now. That multiple tank syndrome sets in quick!


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Trust me. I've considered it. We have a friend with an empty 55 just sitting in the basement waiting for a home (free!). But, gotta save up for the other stuff - no filter, etc right now.


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Welcome to AC!