June 2010 Issue

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Mar 27, 2008
Check out the June 2010 issue, with a special section celebrating the 2010 American Killifish Association Convention! Subscribers can read the full issue on TFH Digital, and three articles are available at http://www.tfhmagazine.com.


Mastering the Use of Heliophytic Aquatic Plants
Jewels of the Old World: The Aphyosemion georgiae Species Group
Rivulus: From Boring to Beautiful
Lampeye Killies Micropanchax normani
The Fish Habitats of a Peruvian Amazon River, Part 1
Light and Fish Behavior: Creating the Perfect Lighting System
Algae-Eating Fishes for the Marine Aquarium
Naples Aquarium: The Oldest Public Aquarium in the World
The TFH Breeder’s Challenge Part 6


Ask Jack: Q&A
Cichlidophiles: Acaras: They Don’t Get No Respect
Livebearers Unlimited: The Fancy Guppy Hobby: Current Conversations and Observations
The Planted Tank: Time and the Planted Aquarium
Adventures in Aquascaping: A 65-Gallon Leiden-Style Aquarium, Part 2
Import Report: Fishes of Sichuan, Part 1
The Reefer: Corals of the Genus Seriatopora: The Bird’s Nests​