Just about anything saltwater wanted!

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Jan 7, 2010
Peebles, Ohio
Hello, I am new here and just starting out with my new saltwater aquarium. I do have a few fish in my tank and 1 female coral banded shrimp. I am interested in buying a few things as I don't have anything to offer for trade. I need one of the clown anemones, any kind of frags, polyps, mushrooms, anything that grows and spreads, etc. Also a male coral banded shrimp. It's the one without the blue in the body. I am also interested in a cleaner shrimp, snails starfish. But they have to be reef and fish safe. Live fiji rock is something else I could use more of. And maybe even a fish or 2. Let me know what you have, with pic's please, as I don't know the names of alot of this stuff. And please put a price with the shipping included for 45660.
As soon as I get everything up and going good, with frags and the such, I will be able to do some trading. I can't wait. I love this site and my saltwater aquarium.
I could also use a cheap skimmer if someone has one they could spare. And if you have anything free, then I'm very interested. Please pm me with anything you have to offer and post something here to keep me going. I'd really appreciate it alot. Thanks for everything in advance.


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Feb 22, 2006
Hi Tangs -- While not the original intent of this forum, I'll toss this out there for you in case they turn out to be helpful.

While I no longer live in Ohio, I'm always happy when I run into a reef hobbyist from there. I see that you live kind of in the middle of nowhere (no offense, my family has some property down in that part of the state). I realize that both of these are quite a drive from the town you live in, but you might want to get in touch with the Central Ohio Reef Aquarists and/or the Cincinati Marine Aquarium Society. You might find that there are some members that live within a more reasonable drive compared to driving all the way to Cincinati or Columbus that could help you stock your tank. It's my understanding that CORA is quite active, so it couldn't hurt to be in contact with them.

I hope that helps.
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