Just some pictures of some fry.

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Charlie and Amanda's Daddy
Dec 21, 2001
Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, Canada
For the last couple of months every single mating pair of fish that I have have started breeding like mad.

It was so bad at one point, I was averaging 2 broods every two weeks. I was using them as feeders.

Well I kept some of the fry and they have been growing nicely.

The severums are from 1 of my 2 breeding pairs. I kept these because the mother is a gold and the father is a green. I was curious which color would come out dominant. Looks like the green.

The rainbows are still breeding every 2 weeks and I finally decided to keep a few from one of the last broods. These ones are now 4 weeks old. Sorry about the quailty on the rainbow pictures.

I will try and post some pictures of my JD fry tomorrow.

Here are the severums.

Here are the rainbows.

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