FREE Kissing gourami, tiger barb, and blue gourami- P/U only MA

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Aug 6, 2011
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Dani :)
My sister recently rescued some corydoras catfish off of craigslist, and also ended up getting (unexpectedly):
-a lone albino tiger barb
-female blue gourami
-young pink kissing gourami (from the pictures, about 3" long I think)

The tiger barb needs to go to someone who already has a school of barbs, the female blue gourami in a 30+ gallon aquarium ideally, and the pink kissing gourami in a 55 gallon given their potential to reach 6-12" in length.

NEED REHOMED ASAP! They currently are residing in her empty 55 gallon planted tank, but she wants to rehome them so she can move her betta and other community fish in there and get rid of her smaller tank.

Local pick up only, in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Thank you for reading! All fish are healthy.

Post on here if interested. :)
Not open for further replies.