Marine Discussion: Hospital Tanks

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Jan 26, 2004
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They will save you a ton of money,time, heartach etc. Hopefully some of the others will join in and post how they do it.


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Jan 14, 2005
haveing a hospital tank makes sence really

i have 2 small tanks i use one for fish that look sick from my main display tank
take them out of the display tank and move them to there own tank so you can adminster whats needed to right the problem.. and hopefully stop other fish getting it..

and i use another for fish i have brought or rock i have collected etc this is my qurenteen tank things stay in hear longer so i dont end up with a problem to sort out later..

the water in this tank is thrown away several times and the tank cleand complety thats the advantage of having no media in it ..


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Mar 25, 2005
My usual spiel on the subject
Noun: a state of enforced isolation.
Why should we quarantine? In particular many fishare wild caught or come from questionable sources this can lead them to be
carriers of all kinds of nasty things.And the importers can't catch all the bad stuff some of which may
not be evident for several days or weeks.It is far easier to observe and fix one fish than an chance
infecting an established tank.
There are two ways to quarantine new fish one is a basic bare tank.This is not a long term display
tank its meant to be emptied and cleaned and stored after the quarantine period. It can also do duty
as a hospital tank if and when the need arises. A tank sized to fit the specimen should be used for
this purpose Remember this is for temporary use.
Why don't we qaurantine?Simply because we are in a hurry to show off our new fish.However after
you have done this and wind up with a tank of sick or dying fish you will understand the importance of
quarantining fish.this applies to store bought feeders also.
The Tank 1
This is as simple as it gets Filter, Heater, and some plastic plants or some kind of structure to
hide in simple huh like I said its not long term .4 weeks in most cases should be fine.Its not pretty but
its not supposed to be .
The Tank 2 You setup the tank with substrate,plants, decorations as you would any display tank and
add the new fish and nothing more.Any future purchases for this tank will need to QT in a tank1 setup.
The Hospital Tank Is basicaly a tank 1 setup its use is to isolate and treat sick or damaged fish not
long term use As little decoration as possible is involved and the amount of water should be
measured so the correct amonut of medication is administered contrary to popular belief all tanks
are incorrectly sized and hold somewhat less water than stated.
To get the correct amount of water.
A tank holds measure the inside of the tank and calculate with those numbers.
Gravel displaces 2.4 gallons per 50 pounds. This is useful in calculating the true water capacity of your aquarium


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Sep 6, 2003
Buffalo, New York
on a side note: do not put gravel or live rock in hospital/q.t. tanks because they will hold the medication in there and could make the tank go through a cycle.

you should keep a sponge in your main tank somewhere (the sponge for the filters) so if the need arises you have a biological filtration method to keep your tank from going through a cycle. putting a sick fish into a just set up steril tank isn't neccesarly better for him.


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Oct 1, 2005
quarantine tanks are essential