Maybe FS 90 gal FOWLR stockton/modesto california area, pickup only

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sumthin fishy

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Aug 22, 2005
central california
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I'm Putting this here since the for sale forum rules don't allow for seeing if people are interested. I have a friend with a 90 gal, with a nice oak stand. Running an off brand 5 tray can filter, 1 powerhead, inline heater, 3 lamp t8 HO hood with 2 daylight lamps, 1 Blue lamp, and LED moonlights. Has a second hood not in use, but identical. about 2-3 inches of sand and over 100 pounds of live rock. A mandarin gobi, a watchman gobi, a blue fish (damsel maybe) and 1 other fish (not sure what) he hasn't seen in a while. There are hermits, snails and a few other inverts that hichhiked in. Been set up for about a year. His kid was supposed to take care of it and has lost interest. Right now its about 20 gallons or so low, and a mess of algae is on the glass. It would need a bit of love. Anyone interested? Any idea what it would even be worth? I have no where to put it (I could get rid of that loveseat and, no), and not enough experience with SW, or money to take on the task or I would steal it from him.