My betta is building bubble nests

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Apr 21, 2021
My betta has built his 3rd bubble nest in 2 weeks. I had to add water to his 5 gallon tank and disrupted his nest. He quickly gathered his loosened bubbles and replaced them back in the nest. (I’m sure that’s a sign of good paternal skills) Now he appears to be despondent and lays on his leaf hammock with his back to everyone and his nose to the corner of the tank. Even his 2 guppy tank mates seem to have noticed he’s not his usual attentive self. I‘m tempted to place a female in the tank to remedy the situation or remove him to a 3.5 gallon of his own for a change of scenery ( more of a distraction), what shall I do? BTW, He is still eating but doesn’t have his voracious appetite like he used to.


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Jun 28, 2006
SF Bay area, CA
Yeah, that's what happy male bettas do, lol. It takes some work to build nests & was likely he was hungry from the extra effort.

You can try rearranging the tank. But be sure to actually change some water every week, not just top it up.

A tank with other fish isn't ideal to try breeding bettas...& if a female isn't ready to breed he may become impatient & aggressive toward her. At least 1 extra tank is needed, 2 are much better. 1 for the female & 1 for any 1 batch of fry.

Don't think you'll make a ton of $$ doing this. Small 1/2 inch bettas actioned for $1 (several months old), larger maybe $3 last meet I went to pre-covid...& I live in a large market area. & then there's the entire strains thing, colors & fins may not breed "true". Lots of variables, we did it once 40 years ago & did not raise any fry to a sellable size, but it was fun for a while!