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My Pleostomus has a pale patch appeared near his tail

Dorothy Kenn

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my Pleostomus has developed a pale pinkish patch on his tail, I think it might be a graze but not sure. I have had my pleostomus for about 25 years so I am quite attached to him. I believe some species can live between 25-30 years so he is getting on a bit. Is it a graze or should I be concerned? WP_20181004_08_38_58_Pro.jpg
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Is it fuzzy? Is it smooth? What tankmates does your pleco have? What are your water parameters (ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings) currently? Have you done a water change recently? If not, do. If it's an injury, cleaner water should help with the healing process.

the loach

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It looks like a wound or ulcer. I would put something like Artemiss in there (herbal product for wound healing)


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It looks like wound to me too. Do you have rough rocks or big tankmates? I would go with large frequent water changes unless you nitrate is high (over 40ppm). If it is, go with smaller 10-15% WCs often & see if it changes in a few weeks of that treatment. Clean water can work miracles!

You should be proud of his longevity, you must take good care of him :) Aging animals can have weakening immune systems etc...& old tanks can slowly develop poor water quality that might interfere with good healing...& big plecs eat & poo a LOT, lol.