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New 29 gallon


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I got my 29 gallon put together today and think it turned out good. Just transferred the fish from my 10 gallon along with the filter media. I upgraded my filter to a Fluval 206 and love it so far. Now time to add some more fish. Any recommendations. I have some tetras that I am going to bump up to about 12 of them and some dwarf Cory cats.





the loach

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Looks really nice but I see some submerged house plants on the left... they still selling them as 'aquatic' plants?
Nice job on the different substrate colors and rocks.


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Most of those plants look fake except the 1 in the center, is that right? I like your arrangement, but if that center plant is an anubias it needs to have it's rhizome (where roots & leaves meet in a kind of sideways stem) above the substrate.

I love corys of all sizes. Which dwarf species do you have? there are 3 or 4 readily available. Habrosus are pretty much bottom fish, but pygmaeus are more mid-water swimmers. You could have both!!

What species of tetra do you have? That will help us recommend another compatible species or center piece larger fish.


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I bet I'm older, the loach, lol, lots of fake plants in my long ago past :p. Some looked ok...at the time...Now I belong to a plant club & know better than silk or plastic :D

The fittonia also looks artificial to me, but I might be wrong...any non-aquatic or fake plant looks (ahem) not so good these days.


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Yes they are all fake plants. Don’t have time for real plants and fish.


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Looks great!

The only thing I can think to add at the moment is corys are going to churn up the way you have your substrate arranged. It will be all mixed up and leveled out.


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They are dwarf cory’s. I think I will be fine with them licking up one piece of sand at a time