New assassin snail staying out of the water

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May 19, 2019
So yesterdat i got two new assassin snails. One has been active and has eaten one snail. He hasnt burrowed himself as of yet. Right now hes chillin on a rock.

But the other has not tried to eat a thing. And he keeps going to the waterline. In fact he climbed to the waterline yesterday and stayed there in the same spot through the night. Im the morning i tried to place him back down near some pest snails and eventually he made his way back up the glass. Now though he is actually out of the water. What gives?? The other has not done this. Nor have the pond snails. He's been hanging out like this for hours now. Should i put him back in?? Or leave him where hes comfortable?? Hes about half an inch above the water.

My levels are good. I actually rechecked today and banged and shook the crap out of my nitrate solutions and the other too in case something was not suspended right.

Ph 6.7
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 20

I understand in a planted tank up to 40 is ok for nitrates.

So why does he seem suicidal.???
Apr 2, 2002
New York
There should not be 40 ppm in nitrates in a planted tank. In some planted tanks one only sees nitrate if they add it.

Assassins will go to the water line. I am seeing one there in my 75 gal which likely has 50-100. I have no idea any more.

At 6.7 pH your water is on the soft side. This is often the case when the TDs/hardness is low. My water is neutral and I add either some crushed coral or feed special food in order to give the snails enogh calcium.