New Photo - Today in the Fish Room

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Sep 2, 1998
Dallas, PA
I don't know for sure. It was given to me by another board member. Aikido Guy would be the man to answer that. My guess is a couple years...three maybe?


Jul 3, 2001
Sparta, New Jersey
Lets see I got that fish in July 2001 and it was about 4" total length so im guessing it was 5-6- 7maybe months old when i got it. so my best guess would be 2 years. I had thought it was younger like a year and half when i gave it to mojo, but I was reminded of how big it was at the time i purchased it. I had only counted the time i had it and not the time it took to get to he first 4". so im guessing 2 to 2 1/2" years not quiet 3 yet but somewhere around that mark. It was fed mostly jumbo freeze dried shrimp, along with tetra jumbomin cichlid sticks, and algea wafers.

Mojo: the nics are doing great eating like crazy!!they are ALWYAS Hungry. The Festae is a little shy but i think thats cause shes all by herself besides some convict fry that shes been picking off when she gets a chance. Maybe when shes in the big tank with alot of action she be less shy?
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