new setup, Common vs fancy, opinions ..

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Sep 7, 2006
so in another week or so i'll have my new 125 setup and cycling..

it's a shame that i have a 90 or so gallon now and I had 1 pleco, one orange Oranda, and one black moor.
I got a small red/white oranda and i didn't quarantine him and looks like he had ich.
now my pleco of 4 years died, my orange oranda and black moor look pretty bad. I'm HOPING they recover fully and can move into the new tank.

I have talked to the kids about IF they don't recover.. what i should do in the new tank.
Maybe fancy again.. or maybe i'll try common.

i've even toyed with doing an Oscar/PACU tank.
years ago i had a 180 gal tank with an oscar, a PACU and a blue channel cat and that was pretty awesome but i do like the goldies..