Newbie Alert! Which is best to get and how to care for it?

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megan loves cowfishes
Mar 15, 2009
oxford, england
Hi Guys,
I currently have a 26g (120L) tank. It has be up and running for only 3 months, but all is well. I like to plan well in advanced hence this post. I would like to have a Anemone and would like to find out which is the most ideal for my tank and itself(the anmone) and the other inhabitants. Then i can research as much as possible pending the arrival.

My Tank: LR (10average piece's- i wish i knew the weight! grrrr how do i calculate the weight now , or can't i?)
2 Ocellaris Clownfish (pair - doing very well)
1 Green chromis
2 red hermet crabs
2 turbo snails
2 cleaner shrimp
Ammonia 0
ph 8.2
salinity 1.024

I do NOT plan to get a Anemone any time soon , but in about 4-6 months time. I have been searching this forum for the ideal one for me, but i am unsure. Any ideas??
Also i cannot tell you what lighting it is i have as i don't know? the technical terms i mean. It came with the tank we got from the LFS some time ago. (1 bulb is a very bright white and the other has a slight yellow ish tint to it, sorry for the soooooo un technical terms!!)
What is the BEST lighting i can get for my tank? I can check if they are what i have (with the LFS) if not ,i can purchase them as soon as possible. I am NOT planning on getting corals.
The only entries into my tank from now will be 2 more green choramis, i was 'thinking' about a yellow watchman gobby but i currently looking into that. I have recently post a thread for stock ideas to accomplany my clowns and choramis with out overstocking that is where i had the thought of the yellow watchman gobby.

Thanks for reading guys , any feedback , ideas or warnings!! very very welcome. :D:dance2:


AC Members
Feb 7, 2009
anemones need lots of light, im sure the lights say somewhere on the bulb what kind they are and the wattage, im 90% sure your going to need to upgrade the lights to get an anemone, but something like a mushroom might do (depending on the bulb)