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nudibranches and dinoflagellates


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08.-Live-dinoflagellates_DF.jpgBerghia_coerulescens_(Laurillard,_1830)_.jpgspan.jpg I've been toying with the idea of combining both biolumenescent dinoflagellates and nudibranches, specifically been looking at the berghia and spanish shawl i.e. flabellinia iodenea. I liked this idea because in my mind i see the nudibranches consuming the dinoflagellates and becoming luminescent while also leaving a trail of glowing water while they move around. i understand that the dinoflagellates may overpopulate and kill the nudibranches, i also think that the nudibranches may become aggressive towards each other. i just would love to know whether or not i will ever be able to realize this biolumenescent dream. so please if anyone has any advice I'm really not very knowledgeable and would love some advice as to how i can pull this off or the knowledge that it cant be done.

08.-Live-dinoflagellates_DF.jpg Berghia_coerulescens_(Laurillard,_1830)_.jpg span.jpg