Oscar baby died...

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Allison Reed

Sushi Lovin' Aquarist
Dec 3, 2002
Vancouver, wa
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Sadly, that oscar baby that was sick died when I got home from school. the same night I purchased the medicine. I took him out and looked at him, and I really have NO clue how he died. No fin rot, nothign wrong with his eyes, his gills. By the time I got home and managed to fish him out alot of his scales were gone ( blame the snails for trying to eat him, no doubt ). Small white spots in teh center of his eye. I have no idea what happened...could anybody shed some light on this? I haev my other fish in there, which I watch almost all day, because I'm afraid if it was a contagious thing. But when teh baby oscar died all the others were fine...wow. I am so confused. I got Tetracycline, but treating a 100 gallon is difficult. I've just treated my betta tank. ANny liquid or powdery forms of this I can get, just incase I need to quaranteen my 100 gallon?