Oscar is Ill - Help ?

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Dec 8, 2002
Hi All,

I have had a 4' tank set up for years and recently swapped back to freshwater from marine FO.

I have 2x4" Oscars and a small Firemouth. They all get on great but over the last week the larger of the 2 Oscars has been becoming more and more sick.

They had a slight case of Ick 3 weeks ago which cleared up with Ickaway in a hospital tank. No obvious signs since.

He has alway eaten well but lately he has been sitting on the bottom swimming up for food with slight difficulty. He hes started to become skinny and in the last few days has been lethargic and seems to be vomiting lots of crud up.

The only thing I can think of I did wrong was to drop some corn kernels into the tank. I give them all sorts of fruit and veggies along with normal commercial cichlid food. I worry the kernels were too big for him, as after he ate it, it sat in his mouth for quite a while.

He is still remotely interested in food, but he has very little energy as after trying to get some (which is often now unsucessful) he drops to the bottom again and sometimes runs into things on the way down.

The only other symptom is a small mark on the outside of his eyes, i thought that was from him caning along the front of the tank constantly, but Im not sure.

Any ideas. He is really slowing down and the other Oscar seems to notice it as he hovers around.

Thanks for any info