Peacock Eel Tankmates

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Oct 15, 2019
I am currently really thinking about getting a peacock eel and I am very interested to get one. First my main concern is that I have a planted tank and I have some substrate that may be to rough and big for one. I have Eco Complete Black Planted Aquarium substrate and its pretty heavily planted, though I do have 1/3 of the aquarium with sand for my hairgrass but I hear that they would probably dig it up. I really love this creature and I am trying to stay on a budget and not have to throw away my $40 worth of substrate but if really needed I could and get more sand. Anyway I cant find lots of info on sites but I was also wondering what are some good tank mates for it. I was thinking about neons but I feel the eel would eat them and currently I have a rainbow shark with a big piece of driftwood and some dragon rock/ sieryu(?) rock. I also have other plants like big java fern some words and narrow leafs