Photos of My Fish

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Mar 21, 2020
What is the point in creating hybrids besides not being able to choose either platies or swordtails (or endlers/guppies, goldfish/koi, etc) ?
There aren't enough color variations of either fish?

You will create an animal that is neither swordtail or platy. Most fishkeepers don't want hybrid fish. They will end up getting killed or fed to predatory fish. Some may look similar and would still be used and this causes unwanted genetic dilution. Hybrids also get unwanted traits and disease problems. They will never be better as either fish.

If you want to breed your own strain (color, no balloons/deformities please) of platies/swordtails that's great, it is just a color, they are still platies and swordtails.
I have to agree with T the loach . I see no point in hybridizing fish in the aquarium. Most fishkeepers, including myself, are not a huge fan of breeding and keeping hybrids.
I have no intention on hybridizing these fish :rolleyes:

Fish in photo #6 and 7 in your first post is definitely a female black swordtail. Shes so beautiful, ive seen them occasionally at my local stores and i was tempted but i cant fit them in my 20g tanks, and my gourami in my 46 would not like them
No, these are black platies. I just cropped the photos to remove some blurred fish in the background. Maybe blackies are juvinelie female swords by any chance? God only knows.
Your fish look good, the plants look good, keep doing what you are doing.
There is a little bit of black beard algae on some plants. It usually is okay, but it is very difficult to get rid of, and if no effort is made at controlling it, it can take over and destroy an otherwise healthy and beautiful tank.
Any leaves with BBA is best to cut them off, and well as the source of the issue ascertained if possible.
Thanks for the tip! :)