Products gone to waste?

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Jan 15, 2020
In another post I mentioned problems i'm currently facing with ammonia. I used to use tetra safestart plus to help with stablishing bio media but this time there was only 1 bottle available, I bought it and when I open it well...



not the usual pink color i've seen previously. I threw that away and found a Seachem Stability bottle I had and when I open it well...



I managed to buy a new bottle, I know people here discourage the use of stability but right now is the only thing I can get to help my tank.
Apr 2, 2002
New York
Stability contains only spores. The nitrifying bacteria we need do not form spores. So .....

Please have a read here and you will wind up having a much better understanding of nitrifying bacteria, how they can last in a bottle for some time, but there is a limit. It is not a long read, it is plain simple English easy to understand and it is written by the PhD microbiologist who identified the strains of bacteria actually at work in our tanks. I have read all three of his research papers aas well as the patent for the bacteria that handles nitrite.

That patent is shared by him and Marineland. Marineland was axquired by a conglomerate for their pet division. They also own Tetra. This is why Dr. Tim's One and Only and Tetras SafeStart and SafeStart+ are the only bottled bacteria products which contain Nitrospira which are the ones that can do two things. The first is they turn nitrite to nitrate. However, scientistshave since discovered that Nitrospira are also able to process ammonia straight to nitrate as well.