question about super ick cure (malachite green)

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Nov 17, 2019
I am using super ick cure to treat ich in my aquarium, was wondering if this is supposed to color the water? When I first put it in the water turns blue/green but after about a hour the water clears up... is this normal? I thought the color would stay blue/green longer than that. I'm not using any carbon filtration, I just have a regular filter running with seachem matrix in it (pumice rock). I also have the temperature up to 86F degrees. I'm not sure if the medication is staying in the tank, doesn't seem like it's working, i'm on my 3rd dose per instructions (1 dose 48 hours 2nd dose 48 hours 25% water change 3rd dose) THe fish don't seem to be getting better and have developed more cysts as well as some have died.