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Rainbow Neons wont school anymore :(

K javed Iqbal

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I have 27 neon rainbows. Initially i added 19 and they did school a bit...after adding 8 more..they felt confident/brave and used to school from the left side of the tank to the right and vice versa. But since past Saturday, they just stopped doing that. They are active but wont school together. Parameters are fine as well


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What size tank do you haveÉ


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Most fish that are domestically bred show reduced schooling tendencies. They still revert to it when scared or threatened, but that's not really a great thing to maintain in an aquarium.


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If the tank is heavily planted or scaped you may be able to encourage them to shoal by rearranging the tank and filter outlet and creating an open area where they will want to congregate.