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Recommendations compatible tank mates


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Narrowed my stocking list for my new tank (about the dimensions of a standard 50g, filtration sufficient for 80g)

1 Leapord Bush Gourami
1 Female Paradise Fish
4 Yoyo Loach
2 Male Bolivian Rams
2 Male Ap. Borellii
1 Female Lace gourami

Id like some suggestions for docile non-territorial fish that are still compatible with my list.
Preferably smaller fish, big enough to not get eaten by a leapord gourami. And not super expensive.



Sounds like you have an idea in your head, and you're committed to it, come hell or high water. At this point, all I'm going to say about your idea is good luck, because you're willfully hoping that someone else will agree with your stocking list, despite good information saying your idea isn't great. People are trying to save you money and hassles that would be spent on replacing fish that die unnecessarily.

Try doing more research on the different types of fish you're set on. You may find details like territoriality and aggression, as well as the different species' requirements. Oh, and while the filtration is great, I have enough for ~150 on my 55, stocking a tank isn't just about filtration. It's also about compatibility and likely territories and strata of activity. You're looking at a lot of traffic in the same place, and that will cause conflicts.


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The new list is based off the recommendations
(Aside from the fact that Yoyo's grow to 3-5inches, Female paradise are not aggressive and thrive in upto 85° water).
Leapord bush gourami will eat smaller fish, so smaller loaches are out.

So as based on the recommendations, no kribs, no pleco, no dwarf gourami, no other male gourami.

As recommended only 2 species of dwarf cichlids, no africans, and no females cichlids to prevent spawning/aggression. Aside from some misinformation regarding loaches and paradise fish I took all the tips given. What's the problem with the list ? What should be removed?

Heres what I def want to keep
3-5 yoyo loaches
1 Leapord Bush fish
some type of less aggressive cichlid
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I haven't kept the predatory bush fish, well, because they just hang in a corner waiting for a fish to come by. That seems boring to me, lol. But they also have large mouths & can & will eat fish half their length or more. Your yoyos maybe in danger if they do the "loachy dance" near it...& since loaches have "eye spines" the bush fish maybe in trouble too.

Your "facts" on yoyos size is wrong, look at reputable websites for adult size. Try loaches online, seriously fish or even Wikipedia. I saw 5.6 to 6.3 inches in a casual look.

I think your tank would be much happier without the leopard bush fish (what happened to other gouramis?), but as authmal said, good luck...


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Your "facts" on yoyos size is wrong, look at reputable websites for adult size. Try loaches online, seriously fish or even Wikipedia. I saw 5.6 to 6.3 inches in a casual look.

I think your tank would be much happier without the leopard bush fish
I might be wrong the both books I looked at said more or less the same thinf 4-5" in captivity, upto 6" in the wild.

3-5" https://www.thesprucepets.com/yo-yo-loach-1381074
2.5" (upto 6" in the wild) http://meethepet.com/yo-yo-loach-botia-almorhae/

I havent scoured every post but I don't see any mentions of someone having one over 5".

I wasnt planing on raising them in the wild then putting them in a tank.

Im not opposed to getting another type of loach but all my research says theyre the most compatible


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Im not trying to be difficult,though that last post was just passive aggressive.

How about scrapping my list. (Ive never owned ANY of the fish bellow, and I dont want to tortured any animal so I do need help)

1 Pearl Gourami (or really anything hardy that wont be a problem later to make sure the cycle is working)
4-5 zebra loaches
4-5 chocolate grouami
2-3 Appistos (1 species, 2 if theyre >3", 3 if theyre <3)

I never kept chocolate gourami, Im looking for that bold brown coloration, i had leapord bush fish for a year til convicts started attacking everyone in my tank, the chocolate gourami seems to be a lot of effort.
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I haven't kept chocolate gouramis. They have a reputation for needing a specific tank set up, only eating live food & needing only very mellow tankmates, if any. Probably best in a small species only tank but the mouthbrooding sounds interesting.

Your other fish would probably work well together. I've kept all of them but not together.

Since you like brown & gold fish, check out sidthimunki loaches (dwarf chains). They're pricey since they are all bred using hormones. Unlike most loaches that are wild caught, they are endangered in the wild sine the early '80s. They stay ~2-2.5 inches.

Striatas a nice too, a bit shy & bigger than sids, mine topped out at 3 inches or so but I have seen them at least 4" +.

I would just get a pair of apistos. The females are yellow w/black usually, males not. I really liked my agassizii, I think double red. You maybe be able to find locally bred 1s if you live near a big city. Check out local-ish fish clubs. You will unlikely to have any eggs or fry survive but breeding behavior is interesting & it's free caviar for all! You'll need lots of hiding spots for them & loaches, say 4 or 5 separate areas.


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Loaches are kinda fragile and since I need a school, I have months on deciding which of those to get. (Right not theres just a 4" comet cycling the tank, dont worry hes not staying once a warm water fish moves in)

If I stick to male dwarf cichlids Ill have less problems, is that right?

Would 3 male appistos spread out the aggression better than a male female pair, or does it not work that way with cichlids?

Are bolivian rams more peacful than appistos? Can I put more than 2 (3 males, or a small harem) if the rams are the only agressive fish in there?



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I've "heard" Bolivians are more mellow, but I haven't kept them. I think 3 males or a F F & M apisto trio is asking for trouble. Your tank's footprint doesn't really allow enough room for 3 cichlid territories & 2+ loachy hiding places. Those little female apistos can be quite aggressive both to each other & to the slower to mature males...to the point of killing. Be very careful!

Male apistos will often fight...& some are better at it than others, size may matter in lip-locking battles. I'm guessing, but 2 males or a M + F pair seems like the most your tank can handle.

I seem to remember you also liked kuhlis, I preferred striped to black. Black (oblonga) seemed more hyper than my older stripes...Will you have plants? You have only room for 1 species of loaches, get at least 6 of the same species. I never kept them with cichlids...

But you're right, loaches would prefer a well matured tank. The cichlids would too, but are likely a bit more "sturdy" as they're most likely domestically bred & more adaptable.