Repashy Superfoods & Tantora products + others

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Jun 4, 2003
Repashy Superfoods

comes in 3oz, 6oz and more

Repashy Community Plus
Repashy Meat Pie Fish
Repashy Morning Wood
Repashy Shrimp Souffle
Repashy Soilent Green
Repashy Spawn & Grow Freshwater
Repashy Super Green
Repashy Redrum

Tantora products geared towards shrimp though are great for fish as well

Tantora White Mineral Stone - used for shrimp
Tantora Amaranth Leaves - Highly nutritious shrimp food
Tantora Ready Mulberry - Highly nutritious shrimp food
Tantora Dried Mulberry Leaves - Highly nutritious shrimp food
Tantora Dried Guava Leaves - Acts as food and anti-bacterial for shrimp
Tantora Nano Catappa Leaves - Indian Almond Leaves
Tantora Catappa Bark
Tantora Dried Banana Leaf

Tantora Premium Catappa Leaves - Medium Indian Almond Leaves
Tantora Premium Catappa Leaves - XL Indian Almond Leaves
Tantora Catappa Log -
Tantora Bamboo Charcoal -
Tantora Catappa Leaves Tea Bag - Catappa Tea bag differs from first Catappa products as the tea bag has faster rate in releasing nutrients than Catappa Leaves and Barks.
Tantora Mineral Liquid GH+ - Tantora Mineral Liquid GH+ is nutrition supplement in liquid form. It is rich with nutrients to encourage proper molting and enhances shrimp’s healthy life.
Tantora HUMIC Black Water - HUMIC Black Water is highly concentrated organic supplements for dwarf shrimps , consists of Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid and other natural nutrients.
Tantora Betta Spa - Tantora Betta Spa is a highlight product in our Betta Series. It is made from natural herbs and 7 nutrients
Tantora Catappa Essence - made from high concentrated Catappa leaves extracts
Tantora Micro Active - Tantora Micro Active is live and active bacteria
Tantora Montmorillonite Powder - Minerals in Tantora Montmorillonite Powder are suitable for dwarf shrimps or crayfish.

100 alder cones
50 alder cones
Potassium Permanganate
Indian Almond Leaves
Banana Leaf
Montmorillonite Powder
Indian Almond Bark


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May 1, 2012
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Tried to order from here, sent a pm here and on fb and email. I ended up ordering bulk from someone else because I didn't feel valued as a future customer. I was also told "I don't care." That was very rude. All I wanted to was supported a fellow member.
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