replacement light for 16" 5.5 aquarium

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Feb 11, 2007
Hi all-

Got a (I believe) 5.5 gallon tank from sister, who got it on a freecycle site. It's an All-glass aquarium brand, with hood, and has all the basics (filter/heater). I've set it up for my daughter, using water/filters from an existing, long established tank. Everything works, except the light sitting on the hood - the fluorescent fixture brackets appear to have been broken at some point, and the ballast, starter, and end connectors are free-floating wires now. Even if I wanted to repair it, there's nothing for it to attach to. The size (16") isn't something LFS generally carry, and Amazon shows it to be $40. Rather than buy an expensive replacement, do the led strip lights work well I see on Amazon? They seem at least half the price and use less power. It'd sit over the glass cover the previous sat on. However, not sure about durability, and they're all brands I've never heard of, so don't know anything about them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Feb 26, 2020
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You can get one of those nicrew submersible bar lights and suction cup it to the underside of the hood of the tank. They work nice for low light plants too.

Theyre fairly affordable too.