San Francisco Bay Area fish need homes

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Dec 30, 2002
I'm easing out of the hobby, and need to find my well-cared for fish new homes. Once the fish are sold, tanks / filters will be listed (including a 100g).

5 giant danios
5 clown loaches, ranging in size from 4" - 8" (I'd like these to go together, as they are a happy little pack now.)
1 mated pair of severum
1 uaru, juvenile
1 un-mated, unsexed severum
1 dwarf pike cichlid
1 bumblebee catfish, 8"
1 very large giraffe catfish, a little over a foot long. Very docile with other fish, outgoing for a catfish, but will re-arrange your substrate nightly. Needs over 100g tank and would work well in a big African cichlid tank.

Make offers on 'em. It's more important to me that they go to good homes with intelligent hobbyists than I make any money.

You can email me at
Not open for further replies.