sexing umbees

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kipe face

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Jul 16, 2015
I have an umbee about 7". It is housed in a 150 gallon with a grab bag of other cichlids- oscar, Mota, dempsey, etc. It is definitely the dominant fish in the tank but not overly aggressive. It has a pretty well formed hump on its head and I was certain it was a male- until it started laying eggs. It does not seem to have paired of with any of the parachromis species in the tank in fact half the tank is now off limits to all the rest of the inhabitants.
I've read that they don't fully assume a gender until dominance has been established among the other umbees in the area so , this being the only one, if I found a male or female of similar size would they sort out a pair amongst themselves or has this one become a hermaphrodite for lack of a partner?
I'm raising up some smaller ones now but it'll be a year before they can hang with this one.
Any body got two cents to throw in on this?