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Sick Golden Ram! What is this disease?


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My golden ram has developed "worm" appearing infection on his body. We haven't been able to pin point the infection online. The closest thing we found was anchor worm, but the worms are not similar. At this point, we have been treating him with concentrated salt baths as if it's a parasitic infection. Some of the worms have protruded the surface, which my boyfriend has been able to remove with tweezers. Other "worms" are embedded in his slime coat. He was taken out of our community tank several days ago and placed in a QT for treatments. None of the other fish (rainbow fish, tetras, corys, etc) have this disease or symptoms.

Does anyone have experience with this disease? I have posted a recent picture of my ram. I'd love as much advice as possible!!



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Eek! Those look nasty! I've never had to deal with anything like those. It sounds like you're on the right track, but an awful lot of work to pluck them out...& if there are "worm bits" left behind...eeww! Maybe a dye based med? I just don't know...I'm so sorry.


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Looks like Anchor Worms.
Treat by bathing fish in a seawater for about 5 minutes twice a day until the parasite falls off. You may need a hydrometer to measure the correct salinity.

Or bathing fish in potassium permanganate solution (10mg per litre) for 20-30 min every day till worms are gone.
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Good advice, tanker. I always thought anchor worms were shorter & fatter...but anyway, your recommendations sound good to me. Salt baths are cheap & available; PP is sometimes sold at Sears, etc. near the water heaters.

Good luck, MrRam 444!