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Startup planting opinion


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Hi everyone, new to the forum. I am converting my 46 gal. bowfront (36 inches long) to a planted tank. I have a Finnex 24/7 planted LED, Seachem Flourite dark, will be dosing with Thrive+. I saw a sword package on another site that consisted of the following

Echinodurs Latifolius - Foreground to Midground Sword
Echinodorus Parvifolius - Foreground to Midground Sword
Echinodorus Quadricostatus - Midground to Background Sword
Echinodorus Decumbens - Background Sword
Echinodorus Pointy Leaf - Background Sword
Echinodorus Amazonicus - Midground to Background sword
Echinodorus Tenellus - Foreground to Midground Sword
Echinodorus "Deep Purple Sword" - Midground to Background Sword

I don't mind working on the jungle it would grow into ( hopefully!!!!), but is this too much for my tank?
Would I be better off getting a beginner's package?
Thanks in advance for your input


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Dave, welcome!

I'm not familiar with the plants you list. The only sword plant I've kept is amazon sword and they get HUGE. You don't necessarily have to start with "beginner" plants is you have access to good stock and you have the right hardware. If you're unsure, start with java fern, anubia, crypts, water sprite, wisteria, etc..


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Joel: All Echinodorus are swords.

YorkPADave: I have kept most of those swords. Some I still have. Despite what everyone says about swords, from my experience they love lots of bright lights and "Gravel Ferts". They may live in LED lights, but really grow in bright lights.
That is a nice bunch of swords, but for me, I like maybe 3-4 kinds instead of the 8 they are sending you. If it was me, I would have 2 Decumbens for the background, a Parvifolius for a center piece, and lots of Tenellus as forground. Not sure what "pointed leaf, and purple swords" are.
PS-- I think an Amazonicus will grow too big in a 36 inch tank.


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I like what tanker said...but she has co2 I think.

Any sword listed as "background" is apt to get pretty big for your tank. It's not just height but spread too. Your package sounds like too many plants for your tank.

I love crypts! They come in several colors & leaf shapes. Plus they need less light than most swords...but I don't know your lighting. Others do, listen to them!