Stocking list for a 100 Gallon

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Lacus Natator

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Oct 23, 2021
I currently have a 100 gallon tank with one Jack Dempsey. I will be moving it to anther tank I set up for now so I can stock this one with some community fish.
I was thinking of this:
4 x Cory catfish
1 bristlenose pleco
2 or 3 Angelfish
Maybe some shrimp an snails.
4 Australian rainbowfish to school with the 1 I have right now, but I'm having trouble finding them again.

I have some hornwort floating around, java moss and amazon sword in the tank.

I have neon tetras in a smaller tank and some betas as well so I'm looking for something different.

Any ideas or tweaks would be great!



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Feb 26, 2020
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Bump it up to 10 corydoras, they thrive best in larger groups. More the merrier at that, but 10 would be a nice starting ground.

Skip the angels, they do better in a larger shoal of 6, they school naturally in the wild so should be kept the same in captivity. But for a shoal of 6, you would be hard pressed to fit both the angel school with a school of rainbows instead.

Id get a large school of 10 rainbow fish instead and enjoy a very active group.
Plus, rainbows are super active and their activity can stress angels who are more sedate.

The pleco is fine, a BN is a great choice, theyre fun plecos. Not super shy and they are really hardy and easy to care for. Just be sure to get some natural driftwood for the BN, it's good for their digestion.


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Jun 28, 2006
SF Bay area, CA
I agree with NoodleCats. You have room for more than 10 corys if you want but get at least 6-8 of each species. More corys, more fun!

You can mix rainbows of similar size but a group of each species is best. They will likely try to eat smaller shrimp. I don't know if they bother snails, I think not. You have lots of hiding places for shrimp but they may hide from the 'bows...& you. If you want to try shrimp go with a few amanos, they're larger & may not be bite size.