Swordtail are sick or lazy

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Jul 13, 2020
Hello everyone I am new here and am right off the bat here with a lot of question hope you can help me.

So I have a few problems with my aquarium and I am quite new (my aquarium is about 3 month old). So few weeks ago I had a white female swordtail die suddenly. Like she was normal day before and the next I found her upside down at the bottom. (I am telling this just as an additional information idk if it is related). Anyway sometimes last week one of my other swordtails stopped eating and is just sitting at top of the tank (not gasping for air just 4-5 cm under surface), at night she goes to bottom to sleep. I moved her to an isolation tank in case she dies on me.

Now about my other fish. They all seemed fine until 2 days ago one male swordtail started not to eat and slowly moves less and less. Other 2 are eating and are quite active but one of them has a long white string under him ( ). I am not sure if that is normal or what to do.

  • So here are some extra information.
    Tank size: 40 gal (120 liter)
  • Temperature is depending on day 27-27.5 degrees Celsius
  • Water parameters are all perfect according to Tetra 6 in 1 test strip
  • I have a total of 10 neon tetras 5 pandas and 4 swordtails.
Umm hope I did not miss anything. I do water changes once a week where I change about 20 liters of water and I clean the filter (quick rinse in aquarium water) or change the pads. Thanks for help in advance if I can give any more information please let me know.