Tantora products now offered at bobs tropical plants

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Jun 4, 2003
[h=3]Tantora White Mineral Stone[/h]Absorbs toxins from the water and slowly releases minerals into the water to help prompt healthy shell development and color for shrimp.
[h=3]Tantora Dried Mulberry Leaves[/h]Mulberry leaves are a fantastic natural shrimp food, loved by all dwarf shrimp. The leaves are naturally high in protein, vitamins and minerals, and long been used as the primary food source for silk worms.

[h=3]Tantora Dried Guava Leaves[/h]The leaves of the Guava plant have long been used to treat wounds on humans and animals due to their strong anti-biotic properties. These leaves are added to the aquarium to act as a preventive or as a treatment to many skin and scale based aquarium diseases.
For bettas: Add to the aquarium to act as a preventive for fin rot and other diseases.
For shrimp: Can be used as both a preventive and treatment for many bacterial shrimp diseases. Can also be used as leaf litter to provide cover for baby shrimp, and as a growing surface for infusoria and other microscopic organisms eaten by shrimp.
[h=3]Tantora Nano Catappa Leaves[/h]Also known as Indian Almond Leaves, these leaves release tanins into the water which help lower PH and recreate water conditions bettas and shrimp are used to. I
[h=3]Tantora Catappa Bark[/h]Catappa bark differs from Catappa leave as the bark will immediately sink to the bottom of the tank. It will gradually release nutrients for shrimps and fish. In addition, it serves and habitats for shrimps. The barks will be soften if left soaking in water for over 5 days, which can be shrimp food sources.

[h=3]Tantora Dried Banana Leaf[/h]The leaves of the banana plant have similar uses to catappa leaves. They release tannins into the water that help lower PH, but don’t discolor the water as much as catappa leaves. They also releases potassium, polyphenols, and other chemicals that have medicinal qualities.
For Bettas: Thai betta breeders add banana leaves to the water to treat swollen eyes and to repair damage to fins and scales.
For Shrimp: In addition to lowering PH for shrimp water, the Polyphenols in the banana leaf help with maintaining the health of the shrimp shell. The leaves can also be used as leaf litter for baby shrimp or as a growing surface for infusoria and other microscopic life that act as food for the shrimp.
[h=1]Tantora Premium Catappa Leaves[/h]Catappa leaves
(Other Name : Indian Almond Leaf, IAL, Ketapang Leaf, Sweet Almond Leaf, Sea Almond Leaf, Badamier Leaf, Seemandelbaumblätter , Huu Kwang)

What is the good Catappa Leaves for aquarium fish ?
1. Sources of Catappa trees must far from big city that full of air pollution , because Catappa Leaves that was collected from this sources contaminate with smoke from cars. You can test by rub on top of Catappa Leaves, black dust of smoke will appear on your hand.

2. Catappa Leaves must be collected from falling leaves only (Not pick on Catappa tree). Good Leaves must red,yellow and brow colour only, because many of tannins ( Green colour is bad for your fish)

3. Catappa Leaves must be without fungus spot, because fungus spot tell that Catappa Leaves fell for long time before collecting .

Distinction of tantora’s Catappa Leaves with other sources
1. tantora’s Catappa Leaves was collected within 24 hours after they fall.
2. tantora’s Catappa Leaves was clean by hand, without black dust from smoke.
3. tantora’s Catappa Leaves without fungus spot.
4. tantora’s Catappa Leaves was flat , easy to store.

Tantora Catappa Leaves is Premium Grade leave. Each leaf has been put through hygienic cleaning process. Well-selected only smooth surface leaves and easy to store.
The leaves come in 3 sizes suitable for different sizes of tanks.
· Size Nano suits to small size fish tank. Recommend using 1 leave per 10-15 liters of water.
· Size M (Leave size : 4”-7” ) suits to medium size fish tank. Recommend using 1 leave per 30 liters of water.
· Size XL ( Leave size : 7”-12”) suits to large fish take. Recommend using 1 leave per 50 liters of water.