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Tattoo question


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Hello Everyone!

I got a tattoo yesterday (March 5). My tattooist mentioned to keep it wrapped for 2 days. Then clean it, and re-wrap it again for 4 days (he even gave me wrap for it). Then start treating it with lotion. I first went to him 2 years ago. At that time he didn't tell me to re-wrap a tattoo. His Aftercare Form from that time even mentioned not to re-bandage a tattoo.

I have never re-bandaged any tattoo I've had in the past. I've just cleaned them after 1 or 2 days, then started treating them with lotion.

What should I do? Have people found out it's best to re-wrap a tattoo now? My tattoo is on my left wrist. Does the placement make a difference? Or possibly the color? It is dark blue.

Thanks so much!


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I wrapped mine after getting. That was 3 years ago (ish). It helps protect the skin and prevent scars from forming, which mar the design. The color is probably the bigger issue--I believe that black is the 'big' offender, so dark blue might be similar.

What did you get?


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Hi OrionGirl. Thanks so much for your message.

I took the bandage off last night, after 24 hrs. I spoke to a few co-workers today, and they all had never heard of keeping a bandage on that long. I am applying lotion on it ever 4 hrs. I really didn't want to keep it wrapped for another 4 days. I hope I am doing the right thing. It looks pretty good. Obviously it has more healing to do.

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I don't recall any of my family or friends keeping them wrapped. Better preemtive care today perhaps?

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Always been unwrap after 24 hours...lotion 2-3 times a day...minimal sunlight...no saltwater at all.