Veiled Chameleon acting strange

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Dec 11, 2017
I bought a female veiled chameleon from a pet store about a 2 weeks ago. They are unsure about the age, but i know she is at least 4 months old by how long they have had her and how long it took us to set her cage up. We are currently in the process of finishing her permanent large cage. Here is her set up:

Cage 16x24x24 screened except for the back Food: crickets dusted with calcium w/vitamin d twice a week, multivitamin 1x month. Lighting: repitsun uvb 5.0 and reptisun basking lamp. No heat source at night Water: dripper for most of the day and misting 3x day Plants: mostly artificial vines and small croton plant. Moved most of live plants to new cage already Temp: 87-90 basking depending on time of day, 72 in cool area.

My issue is she has been fine as far as activity and eating until yesterday. I noticed a change to darker green yesterday and she seemed sluggish. Today she drank first thing this morning but has only eaten 2-3 of her crickets. When I checked on her 2 hours later, she was laying on a branch with her front legs dangling. I took her out, cleaned her cage and she is moving fine but when she is in her cage she only wants to lay around. Her grip strength seems fine. Any ideas on what could be going on? I will take pics when I get home.
The last pic is 2 days ago, the others are from today.