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What is this plant


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They had this small one and a 2 twice the size, it wasnt labeled so they sold it to me for $4. Can anyone identify it (the thing in the small pot sitting in the slate)



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The roots are hard and rigid like wood, wrapped around themselves in a ball, i cant tell if that's a rhizome or not, but I cant untangle with doing a lot of damage47433862_2208903522712955_3547759633512792064_n.jpg


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Cool, that's kind of the less "usual" bolbitus. I have the more usual 1 b. heudelotii. It likes water flow so I put them in the filter return area. I'm guessing yours would like flow too.

Like all ferns, it will want to have its rhizome (the green sideways stem where leaves & roots both grow from) out of the substrate. Your plant look to have roots both above & below the small rhizome, you might want to attach it to wood or a rock. Good luck!


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itd on the midle of a wall of slate. .And I dded winteria and 3 bolvian rams today,and liquiD co2 and liquid plant food,and a better heater. SO PREPARE FOR MORE QUESTIONS


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Nice find! Tell us more about your setup?