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What kind of wood is this?


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I found this while beachcombing today.
It's not as hard as I'd like but it's not soft, either.
I just put it in a large tubP1010860.JPG and it floats like cork.


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Thanks, I believe it may be grapewood. We have many Vineyards near the coast.
I hear mixed results for using it in Aquariums, and Plant Guru Tom Barr said he tried it but no longer uses it .
I may soak it for a while and see what happens. A fungus reportedly appears after a while but can be scraped off and eventually goes away.


...and over the edge.
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Most all woods will develop a fungus initially. Grapevine will decay away quickly in comparison to other woods. Also, don't confuse "hard" and "soft", by feel, with what the wood is. Hard and soft in tree terms is based on it being deciduous.

the loach

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Not all wood is safe to use. Without knowing which tree it comes from (could be from the other side of the world, too) we have to assume unsafe.



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Yeah, if it's grape, it may have had pesticides applied too. Inverts are often more sensitive to those, even if it's been soaking for a while. Better not to take the chance. Maybe it could be used in your yard as a natural piece of art.


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I've soaked it for a couple weeks now, and it leached plenty of tannins, but I'm probably just going to use it as decorative wood for the garden.
Thanks for the input.