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What size fishing pole for general freshwater fishing?


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I want to buy a freshwater fishing pole, but just need to know what size I should get. I'm not going to be fishing for a particulary kind of fish, just for general purpose fishing, NOT ON A BOAT or anything.. And I dont want a fishing pole that's not TOO small, so I'll still beable to catch a big fish if one happens to bite.

Thank you for your help everyone! And have a great time fishing in this weather! :)


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I use a 7' Light/medium action rod. It works well for most all lure and bait fishing that I do.



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I use two poles a 5' 6" ultra light and a 6' 6" medium action, a medium action pole can be used for about everything, from sunfish to Pike.


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casting from shore? river, stream lake?

they require different set ups but 6'6" to 7' light action ...(light/md) will also do

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My favorite is an inexpensive light/medium 5'6" combo that I got at WalMart. It's a two piece rod, so is easier grab and go than my 7' medium action set, which doesn't break down.


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this is a very vague post. what kind of fish are you targetting (size, species...)? what kind of environment (fw,sw, river, beach, boat...)? and how much are you able to spend? what is your experience level, do you knw how to use a spinning, conventional, casting reel? lets start with these points and then better reccomendations can be given.