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What Would You Put In Here?

So, it's been almost a decade since I've had an aquarium up and running. I've had the urge to do a simple 10g setup that is both space and time conducive. I finally cracked today and bought all of my necessary supplies. So while it's cycling or the next few days, i have time for considerations.

I am simply looking for opinions on what YOU would put in this specific tank. I have a general idea of what I want, but I'm hoping this little exercise will possibly generate some ideas I have been neglecting or forgetting.

Any opinion and idea is certainly valued. Whether it be a suggestion for a species tank, or nano community. Anything is appreciated.



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Welcome and it's a nice looking setup.

How are you cycling this tank in a few days?


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It will take you months to cycle the tank. I just cycled my 10 gallon QT so that I can quarantine new fish and start increasing the schools of fish in my 36 gallon. I started cycling the QT on Oct 21 2018 and the tank just finished cycling a few days ago. I used 4 glo danios for cycling and they did fantastic through the cycling process without illness so they are going to go into my 36 gallon I will be adding a few more of them once they go through the QT process. Daily I changed out 25% of the the water and added seachem stability after each water change and it worked for me. If you are thinking your tank will cycle in days it's impossible you're looking at a few months but it will be worth it. Good luck!! Remember to check ammonia nitrite and finally nitrate levels through your cycling process. Glo danios are an excellent hardy fish and I agree so are the white cloud minnows.
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It certainly won't take months. All you need is some bio material from an established tank. Thank you for the concern though.

Thanks for the couple of suggestions, to those that gave them, as well.


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Real plants.

What are you looking to get from the tank? A fish with personality? Action? It's difficult to make suggestions since my goals for a 10 will be unlikely to match yours...
I'm another for real plants, not fake.

real will have a beneficial impact on water quality, fake can be stiff/sharp enough to cause harm to fish.

So using live plants will make tank maintenance take less time, potentially.

I would also go with dwarf shrimp, it keeps everything much simpler.


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What are you using for filtration on this tank and do you have a lid to keep fish in the tank?

I agree there are a lot of options and what you like will be different than what I like. IF you will be buying fish locally, what do they have available that you like?