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12-10-2002, 1:46 PM
I just bought two African Ropefish from Petco. They're currently in a 45 gallon hexagonal with a gold nugget pleco, a common pleco and 4 platties. Since they're air-breathers and they can eat small fish, and they're small (right now at least), i'm going to move them to a 10 gallon that is shallower and has more hiding places, and doesnt have any platties for them to eat.
One of the african ropefish goes on its back a lot. Not in the "dead goldfish" way, though. He lies down on his back at the bottom of the tank. He will move when he's touched, and be upright for a bit, but then he goes back (or maybe the other one does? I cant tell the two of the apart).
any ideas on why he does this?

12-11-2002, 7:07 AM
My ropefish have shown some odd swimming habits for sure. Not exactly what you describe though. Are they still doing ok now?

My female ropefish that's about 9 inches long now likes to "play dead" in the air bubbles from the air wand along the back of the tank and let the air bubbles carry her limp, lifeless body up to the top and into the outflow of the powerhead. Scared me a few times with that trick :)

Be sure the top of your tank is very secure. When you think you have it secured nicely, go back and secure it more! I just lost a ropefish the other day. He escaped from a "secured" tank :eek:

12-11-2002, 10:05 AM
The ropefish that was acting weird died :(
Or, I assumed its dead, because I touched it and it didnt move and its body was stiff. I even poked its head, which I assume would make it move, but it didnt move that time either. I'm bringing it back to Petco, hopefully to exchange it for another ropefish.
thanks for your reply,

12-11-2002, 10:36 AM
Aww sorry to hear that. No telling what these fish go through between Africa and Petco. It's a wonder any of them live :(

12-11-2002, 5:15 PM
I think the biggest lesson to be learned is not to by from Petco. Especially wild caught fish. Imagine the hell a fish goes through being caught, ripped out of your home, stuffed in a bag, shipped across the world only the end up in the hands of the idiots that work at Petco. Couldn't they at least end up in the caring hands of a Mom and Pop shop? Sorry about your loss. Especially of such a beautiful fish like a rope fish. Best of luck with your next, they are great fish.