View Full Version : I think my Firemouth has Ich or Lymphocystis

10-25-2003, 11:30 PM
He has a pimple-like thing on the side of his eye which is white and he didn't have before. I noticed it around 6:40pm today before I left to my friend's house, & since I couldn't stay home, I got some aquarium water, put it in a 5gal. bucket w/ & put him in it. Can you help me out because he's my favorite and most entertaining fish to watch... I took him out because I heard ich is contagious and didn't want my other fish to get it, too. All help is MUCH appreciated.


edit- I went on a website w/ fish disease pictures, and it looks like lymphocystis (a.k.a cauliflower disease). His symptoms are: not eating much, spends most time at bottom not moving (only at night), and some days I wake up to see him discolored. Please tell me if it is indeed lymphocystis and how to cure it please.[size=9]

=== My Quick Help Info ===================

Tank Stats
Size of Tank (Gallons / Litres): 29gal.
Running for how long: 1-2 months

Water Params
Temp: 74 F
pH: 7.2
Ammonia (ppm): ?
NitrIte (ppm): 0
NitrAte (ppm): 40
Water-change Schedule: every month or as necessary
Water-change Amount: 25-50%
Any Water Additives: Jungle Clear Water last week

What fish are in the tank, length, age, etc.
Kissing Gourami, 2in., 4 weeks (buying a bigger tank for him/her soon)
Opaline Gourami (male), 2in., 4 weeks
Firemouth Cichlid (male), 1 1/2in., 2 weeks


10-27-2003, 10:16 AM
Hello Goldfish Girl...

Likely you have either of the two diseases that you researched and luckily you can treat both, and a variety of other parisites at the same time. First off I would recommend raising your water tempature to about 82 degrees Farienheit. I know that sounds somewhat high but higher tempatures make most parasites life cycles shorter so they can not damage your fish as much. Then I would use a product called Clout. Clout can be purchased at almost any aquarium outlet and treats a host of parasites including the two you mentioned. Also Salt your water heavily with Aquarium Pharmacitcles Aquarium Salt. Use this treatment till the spot clears up and you should be good.

10-29-2003, 1:23 AM
too late... i'm sorry to say he passed away :(

10-29-2003, 2:40 AM
that sucks, sorry. you might want to think about adding a little salt to your water for prevention.

10-31-2003, 4:15 PM
yea, I did but thanks anyway... :(